Changes 'Assign to' functionality + clinical roles
August, 30 2022 Bart Becx

Some changes have been made to the 'assign to' functionality. With this button you are able to assign a patient on the home screen to a caregiver....

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Add patient button has been moved
August, 8 2022 Bart Becx

The button to add a patient to Luscii has been moved. You are no longer able to find the button in the menu on the left. To add a patient you have to...

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New actions / planning selfcare
July, 19 2022 Bart Becx

There have been multiple changes in Luscii. Every part of the app, instrument, lessons but also selfcare blocks are now 'actions'. You are able to...

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Improved graphs
June, 22 2022 Bart Becx

The graphs are improved!There have been some adjustments to the axis to improve the readability. Furthermore, besides the average value, the min and...

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Update: Show and hide graphs
June, 7 2022 Bart Becx

It will soon be possible to show and hide graphs. You will be able to hide graphs in which you are not interested. This way you will only see the...

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Hide and show patient action list
June, 1 2022 Bart Becx

It is now possible to hide and show the patient action list. Useful if you want to enlarge the patient overview page or when you need to hide the...

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New alert page
April, 19 2022 Bart Becx

The alert page on the dashboard has been improved.   Whats new? An improved view of patient information on the dashboard, including the group and...

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